Best Fishing Scales for 2019

Who wants to be a better fisherman?

I think the better question to ask is, who doesn’t?

Let me get real with you,

The whole point of fishing is to hook some lips, socialize, escape reality, and smell the sweet succulent fish slime that we all crave dearly.

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you how fish scales are gonna change your life.

But what I can tell you is an affordable and helpful insight on how to step up your game and up^ those PB numbers!

Catching big fish consistently is no easy task.

But, to determine if we are improving as anglers is a very simple task.

How to properly weigh a fish

That simple task is documentation and persistence.

Quick side note: Knowing a fishes weight and recording the conditions and lure gives you a cheat sheet to work off of in the future to capitalize on your success.

In order to step up your fish game, you’re going to need a scale that you can trust as well as some other essentials.

Let’s start with the basics:

To track your fishing results you want to start by getting yourself a pen/pencil, and a pad of paper to document your catches.

I recommend a waterproof notebook because if you drop your notebook in the water or if it rains you won’t lose your notes. The notebook I just linked is also nice because it’s good compact size to easily stow in the side pocket of your tackle box.

These are great to have around especially if you do any hiking or trekking.

Oh, and don’t forget a pen or pencil. I just toss a couple fine-point sharpies in my bag.  

Next, you need a scale and a measuring tape. Any measuring tape like this one here will do.

In order to use the scale, simply grab the fishes bottom lip with the gripper. Give the scale a second to register and record the weight.

If its a scale with a hook.

Be very careful.

When used incorrectly the hook of a scale can kill a fish. The hook should slide in between the last gill and the body of the fish so that your not touching the gills.

Ok, now let’s dive into the meat and potatoes here, the Best Fishing Scales.

Looking through the internet trying to decide what was the best scale out there was so damn frustrating.  We were just fed up seeing a post after post with people listing out overpriced luggage scales.

After talking with some local pros, several colleagues, tackle shop owners, and researching countless reviews online we have compiled a list of the best fishing scales on the market in 2019!

Piscifun Portable Fish Lip Grabber Gripper

If your the weekend warrior and want to buy your last fishing scale the Piscifun Portable Fish Lip Grabber Gripper is going to be the way to go.

When it comes to fishing scales this is the swiss army knife of fishing scales. It has a measuring tape, lip grabber, and of course a scale.

The grabber can be operated by one hand making it easy to grab fish out of the water. It will also make it easy to handle fish with sharp teeth so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting in harm’s way.

With metal fishing scales you often run into problems with rust. This would typically make a scale inaccurate and render it useless.

With this scale, you’re getting a quality product.

Piscifun constructed their scale with solid stainless steel making it rust proof and extremely durable. The handle is made of a foam material which allows it to float. So unless you throw it away or lose it this will be your last scale you purchase.

One other thing with mentioning is with a spring scale like this, you never have to worry about the battery dying on you or having any electrical issues.

Now spring scales of any kind do have a slight disadvantage in terms of accuracy and readability compared to an electric scale. If your fish is thrashing around, getting a good reading can be difficult unless your up-close to the scale and the fish is still for a moment.

This scale is very robust and uses high-quality springs. However with most spring scales, the springs inside have a lifespan. After enough time and abuse, these springs stretch and give inaccurate readings.

Rapala Fishing Scale

Number 4 on our list is the Rapala 50 lbs digital scale.

Two words describe this scale perfectly and that is, compact and accurate.

These little Rapala scales are easy to toss in a backpack or tackle box so you can get up and go.

This scale has a nice digital display for quick and easy readouts. Also, the weights can be toggled between pounds and kilograms.

Another neat feature of this scale is the handle. It may not seem like much but having an actual handle makes a scale so much easier to read.

ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale

The ReelSonar Digital Fish Scale is number 3 on our list.

This scale is extremely accurate, compact, and it has a measuring tape.

So this scale can be chalked up as another stow and go fishing scale.

This scale is equipped with a stainless steel hook as well as a lip gripper.

Lip grippers are great when it comes to securing a fish for measurement. Another great thing about grippers is that they are one of the most gentle ways to work with a fish(when getting a weight.)

The ReelSonar scale offers some high-end feature such as a backlit LCD display. This makes it easy for you to see what the weight is during the day and night.

You may be thinking,

Does the scale burn through batteries?

No, in fact, this scale has a battery that will last up to 500 hours! It also has auto shut-off for battery conservation.

YOGAYET Portable Fish Lip Gripper

Number 2 on the countdown is the YOGAYET Portable Fish Lip Gripper!

This scale has the multitool feature cranked up to ten! It is equipped with a fish gripper, scale(obviously), measuring tape, and even a thermometer!

Its unique one-handed operation makes it really easy to land, measure, and release fish in a timely matter.

With it being one-handed device it also allows you to keep your hands dry on those cold days out on the water.

This scale is also corrosive resistant with a stainless steel body. For a digital scale, its nicest perk is its water resistant!

I don’t know how many times I’ve been out fishing and it has started to rain, or I knocked tools into the water. So water resistant digital scales are a huge selling point In our top 5 list.

Tournament Fish Weighing Scales

Finally, we have the number 1 scale on our list of the Best Fishing Scales for 2018.

This is the Rapala Touch Screen Tourney Scale.

This scale is the number one scale by most pro anglers and of course number one on our charts as well.

It’s a water-resistant digital scale with a backlit-LCD screen. On the touchscreen display, it has the ability to save 8 fishes weights so you can keep track of what your total weight is. Another nice feature of this scale is it has three weight options (lbs, lbs/oz, kg).

You will find that this fishing scale will last for 400 hours on two AA batteries. This is the best part even if it does die on you, it has on-board storage so you don’t lose your stats that you already entered before.

When you buy this you also get an 8 piece culling system.

What this is, is a marker system for your fish in the live well. You can attach these markers to the fish so you don’t have to reweigh every fish when you’re trying to pick one out. It also helps in competitive fishing because when your live well is full you can quickly identify the smallest fish, set them loose, and substitute them with a bigger fish.

In conclusion, these are all great scales and they all have their great perks. Accuracy is key when it comes to weighing your prize possession but at the end of the day, any scale will do.

If you want to upgrade your current set up or start taking fishing a bit more seriously, a good scale will be a worthwhile investment.

Find a scale that works for your fishing style, your pace, and your budget.

At the end of the day, they all do the same job(Some work and will last longer than others.) But, with that being said hopefully, you have a better understanding of what fishing scales are and how important they are.